Top of the Month: December

  1. Christmas Break

One of the students’ favorite times of year comes every December: Christmas Break. Break was scheduled to begin on the 23rd, the Saturday before Christmas, but I think we all know that it really started the 22nd. No no one gets any work done on the Friday before a long break. Students and teachers got to spend time with their families over the break celebrating the holiday season. They would have had more time to celebrate had the break been its normal two week lengths, but this year’s schedule somehow managed to not only start school earlier in August, but to also cut Christmas break short.

  1. First Basketball Game

The Squires boys basketball team had their first game in the month of December. On the 5th, the Western Michigan Christian Warriors came down from Muskegon to duke it out in our house. The game wasn’t close, with the boys winning 66-45. Dallas Slager was the high scorer with 19 points. The boys got their first win early this season, and they have seen lots of success since then.

  1. Mr. Frampton’s Christmas Chapel

Every year, the final chapel before Christmas is lead by a combination of teachers, and this year was no different. Friday the 22nd started off for students with a service full of Christmas songs and singing along with Mr. Vince Frampton and the Squire Teacher band. Alongside aide from a few brave students, the band rocked out to some Christmastime classics. Their performance was even capped off by a performance of “Carol of the Bells.” The beautiful lyrics brought even the toughest among us to tears.

  1. Heavy Metal Chapel

The Christmas chapel season was headed off with one of the more interesting chapels of the year. Mr. Adema and a crew of senior boys lead the students in loud, guitar filled extravaganza. Students were given good warning about the volume level and ear plugs were presented at the door. The band definitely rocked the gym and would have blown the roof of the gym off had it not been covered in snow.

  1. Improv Show

As the month wound down, the Calvin Christian Improv Team put on a show. The night of December 20 saw many come to the TLC to watch the Improvisors lie to them for fun. Donations were taken at the door to help out fellow Improv lover Ms. D. The team performed about 10 games for the audience. The audience got to suggest many ideas for characters and objects, and there were lots of laughs. Jared Piersma and Jacob Aupperlee shone in a skit involving two cavemen discovering increasingly ridiculous things.

  1. Mr. Olthoff’s Christmas

Mr. Olthoff went to Florida for Christmas.

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