Calvin Christian JV Volleyball: Conference Tournament

As the volleyball seasons began to end for many schools, the JV Calvin Christian volleyball team was about to have their last tournament of the season together: The Conference Tournament. This year the tournament took place at Hopkins, and would no doubt be a long day for the girls.

Calvin Christian went into the tournament undefeated among the conference, giving them a bye. Calvin would either play Belding or Hopkins first, depending on who won. They ended up playing Belding and were able to defeat them easily.

Calvin’s next game was the one they were worried about. It was against Northpointe Christian, the only team in the conference that Calvin hadn’t played yet, and they were a wild factor. The lady squires were able to play a strong game and were also able to take down Northpointe Mustangs, which automatically put Calvin in the finals.

Now it was time to wait. Whoever came out of the loser’s bracket would have to face the undefeated Calvin twice in order to win. After a back to back battle between Nortpointe and Hopkins, Hopkins was victorious and would be the squires newest competition.

The game started off hot, with both teams fighting hard to claim the title of conference champs. Despite Hopkins best efforts, it was not enough to overcome Calvin, and the Squires won the whole tournament without ever even losing a set.

Even though the JV team only had to play 3 teams, it had been an exhausting day, and the victory was well earned. Calvin never got down on themselves, allowing them to play well together as a team. This team ended their season on a good note, and will miss playing with each other, but are already looking forward to next year’s season.