Hot Tips for Senior Eat-Out

Senior eat-out, the thirty-three minutes on Mondays and Fridays when all the underclassmen and teachers watch as the seniors drop everything, run out to their cars, and drive off to the nearest fast-food restaurant. 

Senior eat-out is a tradition looked forward to by every student. Thirty-three glorious minutes of freedom in the middle of the school day is a break everyone needs. But how do you have fun on senior eat-out and manage to stay out of a detention in Timmer’s room? What’s the best way to spend your time and your money every Monday and Friday lunch? Keep reading to hear six tips for senior eat-out.


  • Be safe on the roads! I get it, you might want to make it to a certain Chick-fil-a and get back in time for class, but if you get in an accident, you’ll be tardy and your car will get beat up. Don’t be an idiot, it’s just not worth it.
  • Plan ahead! Don’t waste time trying to find your friends in the parking lot, communicate ahead of time! Figuring out who’s driving and what restaurant you’re going to takes up too much of your precious time. Plan ahead so you can have as much possible time to enjoy your food as possible.
  • Be on time! Some teachers are stricter than others when it comes to being late to class, but it’s your responsibility to be in class when you’re supposed to be. A lot of teachers will let you eat in class, so get back early or on time, eat in class, and stay out of detention.
  • Order online! More and more restaurants have options to order your food online, and even pay online, so that all you have to do when you arrive is pick up your food. You can even pick a specific time for them to have the food ready by. This is a great way to save time and get back to class on time.
  • Stay close! While there may not be as many choices closer to school, it’s a smarter choice to stay close and be on time, rather than go far away and be sorry.
  • Save money! No one in their right mind should be spending money on senior eat-out every single Monday and Friday. Not with moving out and college in the near future. But I get it, you want to be away from school as much as possible. A great alternative is to go to a friend’s house if they live close to school. Pack a lunch, spend time with your friends, and save all the money you can.
  • Be friends with seniors! This one goes out to all the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Your time will come for senior eat-out, but in the meantime, make some new friends! If you make friends with seniors, you might be able to convince them to bring you food or give you their extras every once in a while.


This concludes all my tips for senior eat-out, you may have heard some of them already, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Stay safe, use your brain, and senior eat out should go well for you. It’s really not too complicated.

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