Founding Members

Katherine Tanja

Founder and editor-in-chief; Katherine is a graduate of CCHS. She loves reading, writing, the Calvin Drama Society, and soccer. Katherine also enjoys watching fashion T.V. shows (like Project Runway), and she hopes you enjoy the newspaper!


Rachel Lee

Founder and technology manager; Rachel is a graduate of CCHS. She loves crocheting numbers, knowledge of nature, modern house designs, acoustic pop music, and her overseas experience with a string of yarn. Warning: She tends to take many things seriously, including eating chocolate.

Kathryn Van Wyhe

Journalist, Editor, and Tech Manager; Katie is a senior at CCHS who happens to know nothing about writing bios. She enjoys everything musical(s), books, and words in general. She loves to act and sing for the Drama club and for Choir.

Samuel Aupperlee

Journalist and Assistant Editor; Sam Aupperlee is a junior this year at CCHS.  He enjoys writing for the newspaper, being in the Drama program and playing tennis. Sam also hopes you enjoy this song:

Ella Sytsema

Journalist and Assistant Editor; Ella is a junior at Calvin Christian High School. She plays soccer and golf and enjoys acting at CCHS. Also, she has a love for poetry, travel, and photography. Furthermore, she is ordained, so if you (dear reader) may need a minister for an upcoming wedding, you know who you need to call.

Brianna Deppe

Journalist; Brianna is a graduate of CCHS. Sometimes she’s funny. Sometimes she’s serious. Sometimes she’s both. Most of the time people can never tell which one she is.


Gabbie Eisma

Journalist and artist; Gabrielle is a graduate of CCHS. She is an aspiring illustrator, avid reader, and a sporadic adventurer. She loves the feeling of trying new things as well as admiring the tried-and-true, and here she can’t wait to share both with the Calvin community!


Lauren Hoekstra

Journalist; Lauren is a graduate of CCHS who enjoys writing stories and poems, usually about real issues in today’s society or what may happen in the future. She enjoys taking naps, being with her rabbit Clover, making friends, and listening to Christmas music all year around.


Anthony Hoffman

Journalist; Anthony is a graduate of CCHS. None of his views expressed are that of the Insquirer but are his own. His work may not be reused or repurposed without expressed written consent from Anthony Hoffman, LLC.


Seth Piersma

Journalist; Seth is a graduate of CCHS. He enjoys indie music, memes, and politics. He doesn’t know what else to write here but hopes that’s okay.



Emily Sall

Journalist; Emily is a graduate of CCHS who has not yet written a bio. Her favorite pastimes include excessive studying, mind-blogging, violin-ing, and composing haikus about her struggles.

Megan Timmer

Photographer; Elephants are very large and wrinkled and gray, and they love to swim. They never forget anything and have even been known to stand up to lions. Megan is similar to elephants in none of these ways. Instead of romping around on the savannah, Megan is stuck in 12th grade and doesn’t even have huge flappy elephant ears. She hopes you like her writing and pictures anyway. [Megan was stuck in 12th grade but has now been freed to pursue college]

Lindsey VanHeuvelen

Photographer; Lindsey is a graduate of Calvin Christian. She loves to take pictures of God’s beautiful creation all around her. She also loves traveling with her family and friends.


Hannah Vincent

Journalist; Hannah is a graduate of CCHS who loves to read and to write. She enjoys being out in nature and swimming in Lake Michigan. She loves long conversations and hugs with good friends.

Hayden Hill

Journalist; Hayden is a sophomore at CCHS.

Aaron Felstead

Cartoonist; Aaron is a sophomore at CCHS who excels at drawing funny comics.