International Student Spotlight: Sofia Donis

This month we are so proud to welcome Sofia Donis to our school! She is from Guatemala City, in Guatemala. A few fun things to know about Sofia is that her favorite color is sky blue and she loves Taco Bell! Honestly, she likes any kind of food.

Her favorite class is social studies, taught by Mr. Haagsma in the 8th grade. She very much enjoys reading drama and thriller books as well as shopping with her friends.

She plays lots of tennis with her family, who live in Guatemala.

Sofia wants people to know that living in Guatemala is like being in a world where it is forever springtime. Her country is full of nature and blooming with beautiful flowers.

Guatemala is vibrantly colorful and known for the many touristic places to visit including Antigua, Guatemala. It is a fun place to learn about Guatemalan culture. Sofia tells me that people are really nice there, and always friendly to each other.

I hope that you will learn new things about our world from her and that you will build relationships with other new students in our school from Guatemala or other countries. There is a lot that we can learn from others! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Sofia!