Top of the Month: September

Football Games

Tis the season for Friday night football games that turn into photoshoots. “Wanna take a picture with me at halftime?” is a phrase that will never wear out, because we all know that the students only attend for the themes anyway. From table-topping and playing under the bleachers to cheering on our NFL comparable team from the student section, the ‘Friday Night Lights’ have yet to burn out. No matter the turnout, we will always tell the Freshmen to move up to the point of no return – it’s tradition ya know? Although we are still patiently waiting for a victory, our cheers are louder than ever, and if there was an award for best roller coaster cheer, we would take first place.  

School Service Project

On September 21, we did a school-wide service project to help feed starving children across the globe. We all came to serve – both food and looks – as we stepped out in our luxury hairnets and gloves.  Even though it wasn’t perfectly organized, those who weren’t assigned groups found one and were able to help out. Having each person assigned a task, kept everything moving smoothly. Many turned it into a game to see who could scoop the fastest, which seemed like a good idea until baggers couldn’t keep up, and scoops entered funnels without bags under them. Despite a few minor setbacks, we managed to feed thousands of starving children at the end of the day. This goes to show that no matter who we are, or what we have, we can always make a difference in someone’s life.

Chapel in the TLC

This year not only came with terrified Freshmen but also a new location for chapel. Shuffling through sweaty bodies in order to find our small groups, was a great way to start our first chapel of the school year. The change in scenery was nice until those below the height of 5’5” had to use their imagination to figure out who was singing up front. I will admit though, having chairs instead of bleachers is great for my undiagnosed scoliosis. Although there are both pros and cons, the legendary Deepak Chopra says it best, “Every great change is preceded by chaos.”

Spanish Nuggets

For those who aren’t in Spanish class, no, these are not chicken nuggets from Spain. This new idea brought to us by our wonderful faculty has mixed reactions. You get points for watching a video, and points for answering questions or doing activities. Once you have 600 points, you get a nugget. You either love it or hate it, but that goes for almost everything school related. If you’re not a fan, just be thankful you aren’t a teacher here at CCHS.

Small Groups on Fridays

With the absence of Chapel on Friday’s, our small groups came to save the day! I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve always hated the idea of growing up and adulting, so being treated like a 5th grader made me quite nostalgic. The circle groups really took me back to my elementary school days, and I loved truly speaking from my heart about how tired I was. At least we can have food unless you forget and get to go out for ice cream. Overall the Friday small groups seem to be meeting that Calvin Christian standard.

20 Minute Break on Wednesdays

Double the amount of time for break seemed enticing at first, that is until people decided to waste them. Within 5 minutes, halls emptied as several students were getting a head start to chapel. It was like seeing the Freshmen speed walking to class out of fear of being late, except it was the whole school. I sat eating my chips, minding my own business when I looked around and noticed I was one of out ten people still enjoying a much needed brain break. You have enough time people, take a seat.

Alleged Coffee Bar

Rumor has it that CCHS is installing a coffee bar in the LC! Oh wait, this isn’t a highlight from 2017, silly me. Caffeine-addicted students were excited to hear about this new addition to our school but were thoroughly disappointed when the only thing found in the TLC were students doing yesterday’s homework. Don’t fret though, there is still talk of putting one in later, so I guess you’ll just have to enjoy your overpriced lattes for now.

The Spirit Dance

Our first spirit dance of the school year perfectly met the bar that had been set in previous years. Entering the middle school gym gave students flashbacks to their 8th-grade privileges. Students flocked to the center of the gym like dads to Fox News. Popcorn and lemonade provided energy to perform our extremely cringy dance moves, but don’t worry, we saved room for the Holy Spirit.


Article written by Delaney Grooters