Sports Recap- September 23, 2019

The football game against Northpointe-

The Calvin Squires faced Northpointe in a rivalry football game this past week. In an intense Friday night light game, the Squires battled to defend their home turf. Calvin kept up with Northpointe early on, scoring 14 points. After the 1st quarter, the Mustangs started to pull away. The game didn’t end up going our way, especially considering that John Szakal (senior) got a serious injury during the game. We hope to come back next week against Lee, and that John gets well soon!

Boys Varsity Soccer game against Lee-

Calvin Christian played a huge game a couple of weeks ago against the Lee Rebels. The Squires lost to them a few weeks ago and were looking for a redemptive win to take back the conference. With both teams beating every team in the conference so far, it set up for a very competitive and decisive game. Calvin controlled the ball most of the game but hadn’t scored at all through the first half. After Lukas Lindhout hit two volleys nearly grazing the post, the pressure was put on the Rebels. With 10 minutes left in the game, Brock Stevens rebounded a save from their goalkeeper and volleyed it off the crossbar into the goal to win the game. Calvin and Lee are now tied at the top spot in the conference. Calvin’s boys’ soccer team is now 10-1 with a game against Hudsonville tonight!

Written by: Matt Muller

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