The New Hot Lunch Program!

Calvin Christian’s hot lunch program is different than any other hot lunch program in the area. Much has changed since last year. The overall consensus of the new program is still a mystery, which is why we conducted a survey to investigate the topic.

Loads of students line up to receive their food. According to our survey, around 75% of students order hot lunch. The position of the hot lunch has been moved this year from Room 97 to the office hallway. This is a nice upgrade considering how many students actually order hot lunch.

When it comes to the food itself, students have been pleasantly surprised by the number of food options. Offerings range from pizza to chicken nuggets to pancakes to french toast sticks. This is a nice plus compared to previous hot lunch systems.

 However, we’ve seen complaints from students about portion sizes. More specifically, they’ve seen it in the pasta meals and pizza meals. Often time  s students complain about only getting one breadstick from places like Ucello’s and only one pizza slice from Little Caesar’s. 

When it comes to the overall consensus, 40% of students think this year’s program is better than last year’s. Some things have improved and some things have gotten slightly worse, but the program is a massive perk to the wellbeing and health of our students, and everyone can agree that they’re glad it’s here.

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