Editor’s Note: March

March is finally here.  This means one day of snow flurries and winter coats followed by a day full of sunshine and warm breezes.  March means Spring Break is just around the corner, and the countdown to summer begins. But in this Lenten season, there is something we look forward to most of all: Easter—the day of remembrance that our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead to forgive all our sins.  With this day fast approaching, the times spent enjoying the outdoors during spring sports, working furiously to get homework done, and hanging out with friends on the weekends, longing for summer, all carry less weight but greater gratitude.

Before we look too far forward, The Insquirer will help you look back at the accomplishments of the past few months with an article on the acclaimed musical “Mary Poppins” written by Lauren Hoekstra and another “Top of the Month” by Anthony Hoffman.  In her article, Emily Sall will keep you updated on the International Club and the exciting year they have had so far.

To help you prepare for that ever-present future, Sarah Vandenbos wrote an article describing the best steps for future career planning; her ideas can be helpful to students of all grades.  Hayden Hill will add to your summer reading list (which I know you all have) with a book review of “The Book Thief.” And to enlighten you on the traditions of Lent, Sam Aupperlee wrote an informative article including quotes from students and staff.

So take the time to read these articles; reflect on the past; dream about the future, and as you anticipate the days to come, remember that God has it all in His hands.  

Enjoy this issue.

Katherine Tanja

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