Top of the Season: Winter

Exam Week

Every January sees every student’s favorite week of the year: Winter Exam week. While we may get to sleep in for an hour and leave before lunch, the stress of exams probably isn’t worth it. This year was no different for many students. At least exam week signals the halfway point in the school year. Finish strong.

Godwin Game

After over a week off for Christmas break, the Squire Boys took on perennial basketball power Godwin Heights on the 5th of January. The Squires held with “Dunk City” Godwin Heights for the first half but the Wolverines pulled away in the second. The first Calvin-Godwin game was still one of the closest conference games Godwin had to play. There was a rematch, but you’ll have to wait until next month to see if it made the top events.

Senior Class T- Shirts

Every year the senior class gets to submit designs for what will be their official class t-shirt. This year was no different. Students submitted original designs, designs based off of movies and TV shows, and even a design based off of the Supreme clothing brand, submitted by yours truly. The Supreme design was on track to win the student vote, and the designer was on his way to a free shirt until it was disqualified when a parent on the committee confused the Supreme clothing brand with a medical marijuana company. Upon independent investigation, the marijuana company does not come up until page 10 of google results for “Supreme.” Nonetheless, congrats to the designer of the winning shirt, Emily Warners, on a great design.

Homecoming Week

Although Homecoming week stretched into February this year, 3 of the 5 days were in January. So you get to hear about it now. The Seniors won fair and square but none of the underclassmen will ever admit it. There were dress up days and events, including the classic backpack item game. Every year the seniors win the game. The underclassmen really need to try harder if they ever want a chance. The week culminated with a great game, but you may or may not hear about it next month.

Adam Almost Dunked

What would’ve been the highlight of the entire basketball season almost happened on the 19th. Dedicated 4 year basketball player Adam Gruppen had been talking all week about how he had successfully dunked in practice and was planning on trying to dunk in the game. And he got his chance. He leaked out down the floor and got the long pass. He took one dribble and went up. Time seemed to slow as the whole crowd was in suspense. It was like he was flying. And then he got to the rim and… didn’t come close. He went flying to the ground as the ball shot backwards from the rim. Adam landed and slid into the mat on the wall of the gym laughing. The student section shared in his enjoyment of the embarrassing situation.

Mr Olthoff Gave a Physics Exam

It was a slow month. At least he graded the exam quickly.


Article Written by Anthony Hoffman