Future Career Planning Advice

If you’re anything like me, the idea of choosing a career anytime soon gets your heart racing. Let’s not even get into choosing what college to attend and how to score well on the SAT/ ACT. Only a lucky few are born knowing what they want to do with the rest of their life, and if you are not like that, that is okay. It is never too early to be thinking about your career especially in high school.  These are all very scary thoughts, so the best way to tackle these fears is to start small.

The first thing to think about is the environment you would to work in every day. Before you start thinking about a whole career, you should reflect on the environment you thrive in. Where do you accomplish your best work? For example, if you like a quiet environment you may like working a desk job. If you like a loud and social environment, a job that is active and on the go might be more your thing. Something else you should think about is how much contact with other people you are comfortable with. If you keep to yourself and like to be left alone most of the time, then you might want a job behind the scenes of a company. If you like to be in a social environment, you might be more comfortable at the front desk of a doctor’s office or a secretary at a school.

After you have settled on the basic structure of a good career for you, think about what you are excele at. A good career for you happens when you learn more about yourself. Start thinking about things you love to do. For instance, if you are athletic and love the art of sports, you should think about a career surrounding sports like an athletic trainer or a physical therapist. If applying your makeup and doing your hair areis your favorite part of the morning routine, think about a job in cosmetology. You can also think about what person you are in your friend group. If your the guy that everyone calls when they need something to be fixed, then maybe think about a career in mechanics. If you’re the person that plans every get-together or party with your friends, then you might want to think about a manager position because of your ability to be organized. If you are the friend that people go to when they need to be comforted, then you can consider a career in the medical field because of your welcoming persona. Remember that you do not have to go through this journey alone. If you are not sure which of these you fit under, ask your parents and close friends what personality they think you fit under and a good old personality quiz online has never hurt anyone!


Now that you have thought about a possible specific career do not wait to try it out. You do not have to sit and count the days until graduation to try out a career. Also, you do not have to have a completely specific career in mind to start trying things out. There are plenty of opportunities to go on a job shadow. Just because your job shadow doesn’t mean you are dead set on that career. That is the whole point of shadowing. You will never know what a career is truly like until you go and experience it in person. Get going!

While going through  is easy for us to become stressed and worried about what the future holds. Rather than being terrified of it, use this time to be excited about the future and be excited to find your passion. Remember all careers are important and meaningful to everyone, and God has a purpose for us all; we will eventually find out that passion! In the midst of all the thinking about the future, we may get really stressed, but remember to enjoy high school while it lasts!


Article written by Sarah Vandenbos