Fall Fest

Fall Fest arrived at CCHS on October 8th and stayed for the week. Students found their days revolving around pumpkins, contests, and other festival events.

This year for Fall Fest we had seven days of the week in which you could dress up to earn points. On Monday it was chosen to be Meme Day. On Tuesday it was Colors Day where Seniors would wear red, juniors would wear yellow, Sophomores would wear orange, and the Freshman would wear brown. At the end of Tuesday,  the Student Life Committee had some games to participate in for your grade. The first was a pumpkin pie eating contest with one person from each grade who was selected to do it. The second activity was to spin your head on a baseball bat and then throw a pumpkin as far as you could. They had a boys round and girls round one boy and one girl selected from each grade. Wednesday was dressing up with Flannel. On Thursday it was College Jersey Day. On Friday it was Pajama Day.

At the end of the day on Friday, there was another activity. The Student Life Committee had pumpkin designed beach balls and the whole grade had to play against another grade in crab soccer. The teams could score by hitting the opposite wall with a pumpkin beach ball using only their feet. The sophomores surprisingly won and somehow beat the seniors. It’s weird for lower classmen to win against the seniors. The seniors ended up winning the whole week with all of the people who dressed up and how many points they got on each activity.

It was a fun week overall, and the Seniors continued on defending their eternal title of victors.