The VSCO Girls 101


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “And I oop-” and the strange noise, “sksksk” more than once this school year, but just what do they mean, and what are they from? VSCO girls are the answer to that question, and they have been growing in popularity since the start of 2019. For those who have never heard of “VSCO Girls”, it can be quite confusing, so this guide is made for all the skeptics that want a head start on one of the biggest trends and memes of 2019.

“VSCO girl” is an aesthetic that originated (unsurprisingly) from the app, VSCO, a photo editing app and social media platform used to share photos, but other social media outlets influenced the fast expansion of this trend. Many people, girls, in particular, use VSCO to share trendy photos of their lives. Eventually, this leads to people to start a certain “look” to post pictures, the clothes you will see many VSCO girls donning these days. Tweens and teens alike started buying the clothes they saw many of their favorite social media stars wearing, and the style began to blow up. However, the term “VSCO girl” did not become official until people started using the social media platforms Tik Tok and Snapchat to address these individuals in many different ways, the majority of them teasing and mocking this new look. 

The items that the VSCO girls wear and use are what make up the entire aesthetic, the most notorious items being Hydro Flask water bottles, hair scrunchies, and puka shell and/or pearl necklaces. They also don Birkenstock sandals or Vans sneakers, oversized t-shirts and Pura Vida jewelry. Hydro Flask water bottles and Pura Vida jewelry are symbols of environmental awareness, as one of the mottos of many VSCO girls is to “Save the turtles” by reducing the use of plastic, and buying from environmentally friendly brands.

Just like many other internet trends, VSCO girls also have catchphrases that have made them so iconic, two of their most well-known being “And I oop-” and “Sksksk”. These two catchphrases are most commonly as exclamations. For example, if somebody drops their Hydro Flask, they can say, “And I oop-” or “Sksksk” or maybe even a combination of both.

To many people that have been on the internet for the past few years, they may have seen their fair share of trends come and go, but who knows, maybe in the generations to come people will still be using Hydro Flasks and scrunchies, and trying their best to save the turtles from extinction. Only time will tell.

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