Athlete of the Month: Grant Hekman!

Athlete Of The Month

Name: Grant Hekman

Sport: Football

Year: Senior

Position: Quarterback

Despite several injuries that lead to time on the bench in the past years, including two torn ACL’s and a few breaks of both ankles, Grant Hekman decided to join the Boys’ Varsity Football team last year as a junior, and what an asset he has been.

In the football game against the Rebels of Godfrey-Lee on August 29 and 30, Hekman helped with the defeat by contributing to several touchdown passes to Corbin Bakhuyzen and Chris Turner. On August 29, with Calvin down 20-6 after a touchdown pass to Bakhuyzen, the game was postponed until the 30th. This seemed to be just what the Senior Quarterback needed, as he lit up the game! Along with a 60 yard pass that led to a 2 point conversion, Grant also threw a 75 yard touchdown pass, and a 25 yard touchdown pass, assisting with the 40-24 comeback defeat!

Just a few days into the season, Hekman was out with a hand injury, leading his team into a short-lived downward spiral. While Grant rode the bench in their game against Athens, the team lost 59-0, despite back up quarterback Paul Bouma’s best efforts.

On the evening of Friday, the 20th of September, Grant had an excellent game in a 14-59 loss against the Mustangs of NorthPointe Christian. By the end of the first half, Grant had thrown 2 touchdown passes to Chris Turner, and quite a number of yards to his other teammates. Although they lost the game, along with Senior John Szakal due to an arm injury, Grant Hekman had an outstanding game, and, if he stays healthy, will continue to have a great season.

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